2023-2024 Officers



Mrs. Ada Carter, Principal of Brock Bridge Elementary School

Ada Carter is a dedicated and accomplished educator with a passion for fostering academic excellence and creating inclusive learning environments. With 20 years of experience in the field, she has made a profound impact on students' lives at various educational levels. Currently serving as an elementary school principal, Ada Carter is an inspiring leader who is transforming her school into a community-focused institution.


Ada's journey in education began as a music educator, where she led competitive and highly successful high school music programs in Texas, Washington, DC, and Maryland. Her commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a love for music laid a solid foundation for her career. Recognizing her exceptional skills as an educator, she was appointed as a high school new teacher coach, where she provided valuable guidance and mentorship to new teachers, ensuring their professional growth and success.


Building on her experience, Ada took on the role of a middle school assistant principal, where she demonstrated exceptional leadership and administrative skills. Her ability to create a supportive and empowering school culture helped foster a positive learning environment for students and teachers alike.


In her current role as an elementary school principal, Ada is leading the school with dedication and vision. Recognizing the diverse needs of her students and the unique challenges faced by the community, she is working diligently to transform the school into a community school. Through partnerships and collaboration with local organizations, Ada aims to provide comprehensive support and resources for students and their families, creating an environment where every child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Ada Carter's commitment to education extends beyond her school. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, she actively engages in community service and advocates for educational equity. She serves as the president of the Anne Arundel Alliance of Black School Educators, where she works tirelessly to promote professional development and advocacy for Black educators in the county. Additionally, Ada holds the esteemed position of state president of the Maryland Alliance of Black School Educators, where she collaborates with educators across the state to address the unique needs of Black students and educators.


Outside of her professional endeavors, Ada finds joy and support in her family. She is a devoted wife and mother of two children, which further fuels her drive to create a nurturing and inclusive educational environment for all students.


Ada Carter's extensive experience, strong leadership skills, and unwavering dedication to education make her a dynamic and influential figure in the field of education. Her relentless pursuit of educational excellence and commitment to community engagement make her an invaluable asset to her school, her students, and the wider educational community.

President Elect

Ms. Kierra Kemper, School Performance Coach at Meade Middle School

Kemper's career in education began in Las Vegas, NV as a middle school teacher (6th, 7th, 8th – ELA), where she developed a reputation for her research, evaluation, and preparation of curriculum recommendations. Kemper's expertise in curriculum development, use of materials and equipment, and implementation of state and federal programs earned her the role of literacy team lead, leading to her students achieving the highest marks in Language Arts testing in the state of Nevada. Transitioning to Seven Oaks Elementary in Odenton, MD, Kemper continued to make significant contributions to the education community. As a 3rd-grade teacher, and then a Title I Student Instructional Support Teacher, she adapted her teaching methods to cater to her student's needs and interests while effectively communicating objectives She served as a member of the equity committee, where she produced and delivered multiple professional development presentations to faculty members. Kemper currently holds the position of Early Intervention Specialist at Seven Oaks Elementary. She is a member of the Seven Oaks Leadership Team and collaborates with various stakeholders to ensure effective staff development. While serving as an instructional leader, Kemper creates and presents numerous professional development sessions for AACPS. These sessions cover a range of topics, including designing a classroom conducive to collaborative learning, understanding the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and practicing caring classroom discipline through restorative practices. Additionally, she serves on the executive board of the Anne Arundel Alliance of Black School Educators, demonstrating her commitment to promoting inclusivity and equity in education. Kemper can also be found serving her community as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. She also finds solace in tending to her numerous plants and traveling the globe with her husband during her free time. 

Vice President

Mr. Rodney Walker, Principal of Brooklyn Park Elementary School

E. Rodney Walker started his professional career in banking and staffing. His twenty-one-year career in education started with Baltimore City Public Schools.  After ten years as a classroom teacher, Rodney transitioned to Anne Arundel County Public schools. His career in AACPS  includes serving as an ALPs Resource Teacher, Assistant Principal and he is the current principal at Brooklyn Park Elementary. 


Ms. Stacy Herbert, Assistant Principal of Magothy River Middle School


Ms. Tonya Baker, Math Resource Teacher at Seven Oaks Elementary School

Tonya Baker is an experienced educator who is dedicated to ensuring the success of every student with whom she interacts. She is currently serving as a Math Resource Teacher for AACPS and has a passion for inspiring students to embrace the beauty and power of mathematics. With over 16 years of teaching experience, Ms. Baker has been able to hone her skills as a Math Resource Teacher to meet the needs of the staff of her school community. She has been instrumental as a member of the Seven Oaks leadership team when it comes to analyzing school wide data with teachers to support struggling students, as well as providing professional development opportunities for fellow educators to enhance their math instructional practices. As a result, staff have a keen ability to analyze student data and use it to inform their instruction, ensuring that every student’s unique learning needs are met. She continues to stay updated on the latest educational research and best practices, and she eagerly shares her knowledge and expertise with her colleagues through professional development sessions and team meetings. Ms. Baker's positive energy, sense of humor, and ability to inspire and motivate others have made her a cherished member of the school faculty. 


Ms. Shakiyla Shockley, Title 1 Student Instructional Support Teacher at Seven Oaks Elementary School

A visionary leader in education with over six years of experience in the field. She began her journey as a Special Education Teacher at Brock Bridge Elementary then two years later she began serving the amazing families and community of Seven Oaks, where she currently holds the role of a Title I Student Instructional Support Teacher. In her position, she assists in the implementation of evidence-based interventions as determined by the needs of identified students. As a teacher with a special education background, Shakiyla's fervor for teaching is reflected in her deliberate incorporation of effective, data-driven strategies and equitable instructional practices that cater to the unique needs of her students, ultimately resulting in positive student outcomes. Shockley has held a variety of leadership roles within AACPS, including serving as the Special Education team lead, executive board member of the Anne Arundel Alliance of Black School Educators, and Seven Oaks Leadership Team. She has also created professional development sessions on topics such as practicing effective and caring classroom discipline, equitable data analysis, and special education team teaching strategies. Her leadership, passion, and dedication to her students make her an outstanding educator and role model.